Live your dream - fly by private jet to your holiday destination

Aktualisiert: 4. Sept 2020

Shared flying concept means this dream becomes much more affordable.

Travelcoup is introducing a brand new concept to its existing tours and activities programme - private jet flights to popular short haul European destinations. To allow what was previously for an unachievable dream for most of us, Travelcoup is selling shared seats on round trip packages to places like Nice and Mallorca.

This means you can purchase seats on a certain date and will share the comfort, security and luxury of this jet with only a few other people.

In these times, many of us wish to avoid airports and flying on a tightly packed aircraft. Not only does this option allow you space and comfort onboard, it also means you can check in for example in Zurich at a completely separate private jet terminal. No queues, no crowded terminals. No need to arrive 2 hours before you fly. You can be at the terminal half an hour before your flight and check in with comfort and ease.

An absolutely exclusive experience.

Travelcoup packages your flight with a number of hotel options at your destination, from top end luxury 5 star options, to smaller boutique city and beach hotels dependent on your budget. All are hand picked by our team to ensure your dream holiday is perfectly tailored to your and your needs from start to finish.

Naturally, as our core business is tours and activities, we can also assist with the perfect private tours just for you to enjoy with a tour guide or driver.

Private transfers will also be included at your destination and can be added in your departure city as well.

2020 has been tough so far - now is the time to reward yourself with a travel experience you will never forget.

Welcome to Travelcoup Deluxe.

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